//This month Michelle's haircut... a sort of...

Every time I go to cut my hair, I bring with me 
some photos, asking my patient hair stylist to take 
inspiration from the character of the moment. 

This tradition is pretty uselessbecause with my hair 
one can't do a lot of different things every time...
but at the end, my hair stylist always makes me happy! 
and I always discover some new and beautiful editorials, 
as the following, where Michelle Williams is the protagonist
of Angeleno January 2011 Cover...


  1. I love Michelle's hair, you know what's funny, she said in an interview "Is there a disease where people need to change their haircuts all the time, cause I've got it" ! :)

  2. oh yes! ehm ehm! maybe I've that disease :)
    I've already prepared the new photos to bring with me next time...=))