Italian pride

For our series 'Italy is much more than Berlusconi', I was chuffed to bits to spot a magnificent piece of interior design in the latest episode of Glee.
It's not just another glamorous case of Italian design, but one I am truly proud of because of the origin of the author, Harry Bertoia. His famous 'Diamond chair' has won him many awards and worldwide appreciation.
In the Glee episode another chair of his was displayed, the barstool:

and here it is the screenshot from Glee:

If you want to read more about Bertoia's amazing life there is always good old wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Bertoia
I would like to drag your attention to his hometown, because I am proud to say *LAle* and I share the same one as this wonderful ambassador of Italian goodness :-)


  1. Adoro Harry Bertoia!
    brava, bel post!!
    è ancora così contemporaneo! j'adore!
    prima o poi voglio un suo pezzo!!

  2. Concordo!!! I miei nonni hanno due sedie 'Diamante' versione 'outdoor' in terrazzo... *jelous much*