//Vampires have good taste ... and lots of money

Edward Cullen: "What did you expect?
Coffins, and dungeons and moats?"
Bella: "Um..not the moats"

Yes I must confess...I have seen it!

I am talking about Twilight movie

Whether or not you are a fan of the movie or have even seen the movie Twilight, hopefully you can still appreciate the beauty of the house used on the set of Twilight as the "Cullen House".
The Hoke House is by architect Jeff Kovel, Skylab Architecture, it’s 4300 squares, built by Metcalf Construction, with Lucy Metcalf as the interior designer and landscaper.

The house is open and bright and naturally well lit through the obvious use of large and multiple windows.

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  1. L'ho visto oggi, perchè stasera andiamo a vedere il secondo :-)
    Mi è piaciuto e la casa è semplicemente STUPENDA!!