Life: how much do you cost?

I just came back from a RX appointment that I needed to do as a follow up of this morning's dentist appointment. If, in a way, I can find a cosmological reason behind the 1hr/80 euros balance of my annual dental-check, on the other hand it seemed fairly ridiculous to me to pay the extra 35 earth-euros for a 2 mins RX of my mouth.
As Carrie in 'Sex and the City' would say, 'I couldn't help but wonder', that I'd earn that money in *counting* 4 hours of my Italian teaching. 4 hours, including preparation (which is possibly another 2). 6 hours.
So on my way back riding my bike, I was considering the unfairness of the whole earning/spending equation, and in particular how on earth people with normal salaries manage to save money for this kind of situations. If they ever go to the dentist...but I hope so.
I was so gutted about the whole thing that as soon as I came back, I poured myself a glass of sweet, sweet Fanta. Because life is short and I want it sweet. I don't want to waste my money in dental care, just the minimum to survive till a decent age with decent teeth. And I am a lucky bean, not too much fuss. Still, frigging lots of money that just flee out of my wallet when it was so hard to get them in (no puns intended...).
All alone in my beautiful Italian house, I have been thinking a lot these days, which is never a good thing, unless my thoughts are focussed on work (which sadly is not the case now). Living a life split in two, with work and career prospects in one country, and family and friends (but dear friends I also indeed have abroad) in the other, is not an easy task. One might think it's cool to live a life like this, it allows you to have 'a double,please' of everything. Double house, double friends, double fun. Well, in a way, it's true, but more than ever I feel there is also the huge risk not to enjoy an only,comprehensive, self-contained life, but to live two lives badly. Am I really here and now in one place? Or am I NOT somewhere else? When a friend is celebrating, when a friend is in need, when the family gathers together for the Sunday dinner, I am elsewhere. And when I am home, my parents can finally go away from a big house which is demanding, leaving me in charge of everything. But the old life has been going on without me, and it's in good health (and I wouldn't wish it wasn't). And so does the new life when I am back here...complicated.
Like a salary, you earn a lot, but you spend a lot: the investment is higher than expected, as it puts at stake things you hadn't considered.
Work harder has always been the key, let's see if it works.

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  1. Good article! well done!
    yeah, let's see if it works =)